Then one weekend in February a nasty blizzard descended on us. It was only 5 degrees and it was so windy the snow was blowing sideways. I looked out in the dark and 2 bright eyes were staring back at me. The poor pregnant kitten was cowering on the corner of the snow covered deck and shivering in the blinding snow. I quickly grabbed a blanket, ran out and threw it over her and brought her into the house. She was so cold she did not fight being captured. Three weeks later she delivered 7 beautiful kittens in my bedroom.

I had no idea how I was going to find a home for the kittens, so I contacted several feline rescue groups in the area. The North Shore Feline Rescue helped us with their medical care, had them spayed and neutered and found them homes. They were wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about them.

The pregnant kitten was adopted by a wonderful couple who named her “Sheena” (short for Queen Sheena!).  They adore her and she is showered with love every day. We ended up adopting the feral father of the kittens and he is the cat you see in my banner. His name is “Austin”. It took 10 months for Austin to even come near us and then one day he just walked into our home and hearts. He has been with us since and has a great Garfield personality. We love him so much. We also adopted two of the kittens (Toby and Tigger) and they make us laugh and smile each day.

I love working with beads and creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind bracelets. My favorites are bracelets that dazzle and sparkle in the sun. They bring a bit of magic to the wearer. All of my bracelets are made with clear stretch jewelry cord so it is easy for the wearer to place on their wrist.

I sell my bracelets on My user name is shimadesigns. Just click on the pictures of the bracelets above to view my shop.

Shipping is only $2.00 to any US location for orders less than 20 bracelets in a single order. Free shipping for orders of 20 bracelets or more in a single order. Just enter the word "danvers" in the coupon code to receive this shipping discount.

You will also receive a 10% discount for 20 bracelets in a single order, but you will need to contact me for details.

If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them for you. Please enjoy browsing through my listings. May your day be full of miracles and smiles.


Please click here to read the
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North Shore Feline Rescue.
Welcome to my Etsy Shop. 100% of the sales of my bracelets are donated to the North Shore Feline Rescue located in Middleton, MA which is dedicated to helping homeless cats. By purchasing one of my bracelets you will be improving the quality of life for homeless cats and working to control their overpopulation.

My business name is Shima Designs. I named the business after my beloved cat "Shima". She was a beautiful black kitten my sister and I adopted at the local animal shelter. She was with us for only 5 short years before she passed on. I am inspired by her gentle soul and the magic she brought into our lives.

I live in a quiet neighborhood in Danvers, MA surrounded by fields and woods which bring me much inspiration for the bracelets. I am a nurse and work in Staff Development in a Visiting Nurses Association in MA. I am also a caregiver of both of my wonderful 88 year old parents.

Everyone makes a New Year’s resolution, but I wanted to make a meaningful resolution. I wanted to “Give Back”. Because I work full time and am a caregiver it is difficult for me to volunteer, but I thought why not raise money for a wonderful local feline rescue group (North Shore Feline Rescue) by selling my bracelets. I can still be at home helping my parents and raise money for this wonderful cause. I love the following quote from Sue & Jamie at the North Shore Feline Rescue:

"These days it is a big accomplishment to rescue and find a home for a homeless cat. We must focus on saving one animal at a time. We make a difference in the life of each one of them."

I first met the North Shore Feline Rescue one snowy winter weekend in 2002. I lived on Plum Island at the time (a barrier island in MA near the NH border). The winters are brutal on the island…cold, windy and very little natural shelter for homeless cats. I had seen a very pregnant feral kitten about 10 months old during the month of February, but she was so frightened she would not come near us. I created a little shelter next to our house made out of a dog house, straw and blankets. She would sometimes stay there, but if we tried to catch her she would run off. She also would not go near the traps provided by the feline rescue.

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